Updates & Changelog

WINTER SEASON IS ON!!! Winners get pizza, coffe, PRESTIGE and more!!!!!

- Los Angeles server upgraded. Enjoy the better performance. ^_^

- New vid discussing the new points system.
- Winter Season is official and will end March 19th.

- All players reset to 1000 points.
- NEW POINTS SYSTEM! Learn here ==> https://mygloveworks.com/points-system

- Birdfood reacts to Autimatic

- First ever gloveworks video - meta review!

- Prestige World Wide IS BACK!
- Reserved slots ARE BACK!
- Reset stats ARE BACK!

Prestige Worldwide Club

The fast track to being cool online.

$10 one time investment 4 life. (includes FREE reserved slot!)

Receive an exclusive Prestige Worldwide club members ingame tag. Viva la [PRESTIGE]!!!

When you type in chat your text will be flamboyant rainbow colors that are ultra awesome! This will allow you to flex on all the poor people while typing obnoxious spam all day in the server.

Reserved slot so you can always join the server even when it's full. You'll be asserting your dominance by literally kicking someone from the server because you are cooler than them.

Fist's of fury are granted to all members of the Prestige Worldwide Club. In-game you'll be able to punch people to death with your precious lil gamer hands.

Feeling cool. Yes it's true. You will wake up happier knowing you are cooler than everyone else in the server.

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Reserved Slot

$5 one time investment 4 life.

You get a reserved slot in the server for life.

When the server is full you can join and a player will be kicked to make room for you.

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Reset Stats

$5 to reset stats on 1 account

All statics and ranks will be reset for one of your accounts.

Only one account's stats will be reset.

Start fresh and feel great that your a pleb shitter again!

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